About our bone broths

Here at the farm we believe in healthy eating as the first and
foremost preventative to many illnesses that are a result of a reliance on
convenient and processed foods.

After discovering I had a child with Cushing’s Disease, I was encouraged by Drs. Pete and Lolin Hilgartner to develop a bone broth that I could get my daughter to drink. This soon became a mission and a passion. As her disease was destroying her organs and their functioning, I needed to get her the nutrition that would help boost her organ function. With this in mind, I used organ meat and bones in my broths as well as my special blend of herbs and spices. This created a very nutritious and almost medicinal broth that boosts the mind, body and soul.

"I tell people that your broth is the most dense, best tasting broth I've had! Also, your Bernadette's Broth is incredibly dense and full of nutrition with all the organ meat that is used." - Dr. Pete Hilgartner


Chicken Broth -
FOA's Liquid Gold

Our Chicken Broth is made using old stewing hens, birds that are finished laying, as well as the organs, necks, backs and feet. We cook this with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar to pull out all the nutrients from the bones as well as a special blend of spices and hebs. We cook these in small bathces on our stove top to ensure the best quality and gelatinous broth you can find. The chicken broth cooks low for about 24-36 hours. You can tell a difference just in the rich gold color! Give it a taste! What do you think? 


Beef & Lamb Broth -
Bernadette's Broth

This broth was created for my daughter with Cushing's Disease. The combination of the beef and lamb bones and organs makes this very nutriend dense. Cooked with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and a special blend of spices and herbs for over 36 hours, this gelatinous safe haven does the body good. Drink it like a cup of coffee in the morning for an energy boost throuhout the day, or use as a base for your favorite soup. Don't be discouraged by the lamb, you won't even know the difference. When premiering our broths as the Weston A. Price conference in Indianapolis, we were amazed at the response we got from everyone. Those that didn't want to try the beef and lamb were happily surprised when they loved it and kept coming back for more! We hope you enjoy it as much as they did!


Baby Broth -

This chicken broth was created for customers requesting broth without seasoning for various reasons. Whether it be for severe allergies, patients with health issues and disease experiencing loss of appetite and inability to have spices, and as the name indicates, for youngsters just being introduced to the nutritional benefits of bone broth. Hence, Baby's Bone Broth was born! This broth is also GAPS Approved.

 Baby Broth -
Bernadette's (Beef & Lamb)

This broth has the same benefits as the Chicken Baby broth. It is GAPS Approved and is made much simplier than our regular Bernadette's Broth to allow for easy digestion on your young ones. It is also beneficial for those who might have a difficult time digesting meats and helps with healing the gut lining. Our broths are made with lots of bones to help provide the healing substance that our bodies need.

The Benefits of Homemade Broth
Excerpt from the book,
"The Nourishing Traditions Book of Baby & Child Care"
By: Sally Fallon Morell & Thomas S. Cowan, MD

"Homemade broth is rich in the amino acid glycine, which is conditionally essential during pregnancy. Usually our bodies are able to make enough glycine to meet our basic survival needs; during pregnancy, however, additional glycine must be obtained from food. Glycine is the limiting factor for protein synthesis in the fetus, and thus almost certainly a limiting factor for fetal growth. Glycine is also needed for the synthesis of the placenta and protection of both mother and baby from toxins and stress." pg.25

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