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Get Sideways!

January 12, 2021

Dear Friends of the Farm,

As T. Caldwell, a dear friend, once said: To Love, To Life, To Family, and the time to enjoy them!

Those of you who have known us since our beginnings, know our journey; and what a journey it has been! Where did the time go?! How and when did our five daughters grow into adults, fly the nest, and a few start their own families?! When did I go from Mom or Mum to Grammy and Grandma?!

Sideways, I tell you!

But these changes were inevitable, and God only knows where life will take us now. What I do know, though, is that Brad and I are loving our privacy and time alone together; we love having our farm be a place just for our family and grandchildren to come to and visit us; and most importantly, I know I can’t do everything by myself.


Many of you know that our business model and approach has had to change over the years. We spent 18 years welcoming the public to our farm and running our farm shop out of our home, and then five years ago moved our farm shop and opened an Irish style pub to an 1800’s tavern space in the heart of historic Middleburg, VA. We settled into our space and fell in love with our pattern of doing things here, and then Covid hit.

Covid got us, all of us, Sideways alright! And when it first hit back in the spring, my A Team stepped up and said: Mama B, some things have got to change around here if we are going to survive. And boy did change happen!


Practically overnight we got a new computer system, new phones, and most challenging for us all: a new website and sales process. We were thrown in the deep end of trying to learn new practices while simultaneously handling the highest number of sales volumes we have ever seen; March through December was 24/7 go, go, GO! of trying to navigate through the craziness, and not only did we succeed in meeting demands, we knocked it out of the park!

I love that my A Team stood by me and helped me find solutions and adapt to these new changes. I love that they got me on board with learning how to grow in these times, and I have to laugh: when life threw us Sideways, we really did learn how to enjoy the ride.

This year, I want you all to come along with us, and learn how much fun it can be to Get Sideways!

          --- XOXO, Mama B

Elaine Boland

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Jan 5th, 2021

Covid Response

Dec 9th, 2020