NOTE: For home deliveries: Leaving a Cooler on the Front Porch with Ice or Ice Packs is Mandatory for the safety of the product. If a cooler is not left, we will take the order back to the Farm Shop where you will then have to come pick it up and will be Charged for your Order. PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Christmas Order Deadline is December 14.
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Keeping Us All Safe and Healthy:

At Fields of Athenry Farm, we understand the importance of health and safety.  The foundation of our mission has always been to provide the best and highest quality produce for those with autoimmune disorders, and serious food sensitivities and allergies. 

When we opened our doors in 2016, we implemented an incredibly high sanitization process specifically to safeguard the health of our staff and patrons with underlying conditions; and with the rise of Covid-19, we have implemented even stronger safety measures to better protect the health of everyone. Since the outbreak, we have:

  • Invested in an air purifier with a HEPA filter; 
  • Strictly limited the number of people allowed in the shop at a time;
  • Requested patrons wear masks, and ensured we have masks available for those without one;
  • Have hand sanitizer available the moment you enter the shop;
  • Strictly limit the number of people handling produce and items for sale to solely staff members; 
  • Increased the number of times we sanitize all surfaces areas;
  • And actively keep up-to-date with new CDC's guidelines for Health and Safety.

We have always taken the health and safety of our staff and patrons seriously; and will will continue to do so through this pandemic and beyond. If you have any concerns or questions regarding our safety and health procedures, please email us at 

About Fields of Athenry Farm

We're the farm gals making the meat industry Get Sideways! Our philosophy is simple: we believe in healthy eating as the first and foremost preventative to many illnesses that are a result of a reliance on convenient and processed foods. As such, we specifically raise our animals in open air pastures, with free-range access to good, nutrient rich vegetation, and ensure absolutely no steroids, hormones, or preservatives are given to them; the result: incredibly nutrient rich produce that's 100% American Born and Raised!

We got our first delivery today! The porterhouse steaks are gorgeous and huge! The brisket, fresh eggs, Amish butter, wings, ground beef, and short ribs....oh my!! A follow up call to insure our satisfaction was a sweet finish too.
Nicole Richards ★★★★★
These folks have the best meats in the metro Washington D.C. area. I travel almost 80 miles round trip to get my meats from them. The chicken and beef are out of this world. The Boland family is such a hard working bunch.
Erin Jacobs ★★★★★
If you want amazing food, raised with integrity, care, attention to detail, and without drugs, hormones, or any other artificial means, this is THE place! Fields of Athenry Farm has been our farm for years!
Peter Hilgartner ★★★★★