NOTE: For home deliveries: Leaving a Cooler on the Front Porch with Ice or Ice Packs is Mandatory for the safety of the product. If a cooler is not left, we will take the order back to the Farm Shop where you will then have to come pick it up and will be Charged for your Order. Delivery Orders under $100 will be charged a $9.99 delivery fee. PRICING SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Gift Cards expire after 1 year from date of purchase.
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Ordering Process & How It All Works


Orders must be in Sunday at noon. Customers have from Sunday 12:01pm - Sunday 11:59 am each week to place their order. We send in the cut sheets to our processors either Sunday or Monday. 


Livestock goes in for kill, clean, cut, and packaging. Admin prints off orders, organize into the assigned delivery routes, farm shop pickups, and shipping. The kitchen gets fired up for pre-made meal production which continues on throughout the week.


Jaime leaves at 6:30am to pick up our processed chicken. Mike or Bernadette meet him at the second processor around 10/10:30 to pick up our processed lamb and pork and package wholesale account orders. One of us drives the chicken truck back and Jaime goes on to the third butcher to get our processed beef. The chicken truck gets back around 1/1:30, and the ladies start packaging all of the chicken orders. The main truck with the majority of the meat gets back around 2/2:30 which is when we unload and start packaging orders around 3/3:30.


Farm Shop Open 12pm-4pm

The delivery trucks leave in the morning with all of our customers pre-orders. The team comes in at 9 to get the shop ready, fire up the cooktops to continue the production of our pre-made meals, and then open the shop. 


The Farm Shop is open 9am-4pm for anyone that wants to come in and shop what is in stock.